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Pablo & Rusty’s

by Jessica Deseo on 01/14/2015 | 4 Minute Read

Manual Creative from San Francisco created Pablo & Rusty’s. Bringing typography, color and creating a strong and delightful design back to life, as Pablo & Rusty were seeking a refreshed design after a decade in business. "They strive to find amazing coffee; determine the best way to roast it; take it to one of their four stores and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. Pablo & Rusty have a strong company culture, are passionate about sustainability and are in constant pursuit of perfection."

"An immersion into the brand began with a brief research trip to Sydney to learn more about local coffee culture and experience Pablo & Rusty’s retail locations."

"Manual created a complete brand identity and applied it to key retail and packaging elements. We began by taking inspiration from the core of their business—the humble coffee sacks and stencil typography often found printed on them—and reinterpreted this as modern, sophisticated custom-drawn logotype. In our research we discovered that many of their customers and staff referred to them as ‘P&R’ for short, so we recommended building on that brand recognition and created a monogram that would work at small sizes. This duality in naming and branding provided the backbone for all print, packaging, and retail design elements."


"The simple use of typography and restrained color palette provided the appropriate level of design sophistication and allowed the cafe experience–and coffee–to remain the focus."

Designed by: Manual Creative 
Designer: Eileen Lee, Tom Crabtree
City: San Francisco

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