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The Open Garage Brewing Co.

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/29/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Here's a malt beverage you can have a lot of fun with. The focus of this design was on the user's experience, with an interactive element to be shared among two people. Designed by Hungry Sandwich Club, a set of two bare brown bottles are snuggled in a card-stock case, wrapped with playful info-graphics. Inside, two coasters and a sheet of  "facial" stickers that allow for a Mr. Potatohead-esque style interaction.

Compete to see who can create the coolest looking bottle head and winner takes all. 


"In our rebrand for The Open Garage Brewing Co. we aimed to rethink the purpose of a beer label, inviting people to interact with their drink to foster a relaxed, fun social environment. Each bottle has a sticker pack attached to let drinkers create their own characters as they drink."


Designed by Hungry Sandwich Club

Client: The Open Garage Brewing Co.

Country: United Kingdom

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