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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Ivan Navarro on 09/26/2014 | 14 Minute Read

Sometimes we love a packaging concept that provides a practical solution, other times we love it for its aesthetic appeal. This week's collections has both; from functional all-in-one packages to beers designed after corresponding Pantone swatches. All concepts, all awesome, and all we wish were real.  


Concept Beer

Why this isn't a home-decor series, I don't understand, but I would purchase this in a second. Sadly, these brilliant metallic cans and bottles are only concepts developed by designer Txaber.

"Concept and design based on the color of the beer. Each type of beer is associated with its corresponding Pantone color. The typeface chosen is HipstelveticaFontFamily in its bold version by José Gomes, thanks for sharing."


Concept / Spain 

Grid Block

A new take on the building block by Korean designer Cheolhong Kim

"This is a personal project for my graduate exhibition 2013."


Student / South Korea

Alma Noble 

Parallel developed a conceptual line of tequila for a Mexican Expo that supports products that come from the Agave plant. The liquor is packaged in angular ceramic bottles dusted with pearlescent rose, black, and green. The bottles are corked and labeled with an emblemed neck tie and a rectangular wrap around that lists further details about the product. 


Concept / Mexico

Ikratkaya Caviar

This concept for caviar was developed by Russian agency Jekyll and Hyde

"We looked at many different kinds of caviar packaging, and decided to make our packaging in completely contradiction with any cliché. This means not using round glass shapes or cans, or pictures of sturgeon or any other fish. Additionally, we wanted to create a package that could become a table decoration. So all information (package labeling etc.) is on a wrapper that you can remove, leaving a luxury product in a china dish."


Concept / Russia

Clutch Bodyshop 

When the goal is fitness, the more inspiration the better. Socio Design designed this concept for elite fitness brand, Clutch Bodyshop.

"Clutch Bodyshop are an inspirational brand founded in 2005 by elite fitness and nutrition expert Ashley Conrad. Clutch Bodyshop comissioned Socio alongside their in-house team to contribute some ideas for their new range of supplements. The new packs were designed to reflect the quality and science behind the supplements, positioning Clutch as a premium player in sports nutrition and fitness. The final design combined a minimal typographic aesthetic and simplistic colour palette to create a distinctive pack design that communicated the purity of ingredients within the range. Unfortunately our concepts were not taken forward into production." 


Concept / UK


This cool carry-all shoe package was created by designer Jiani Lu. 

"SKINS is a concept luxury shoe brand focused on packaging products with an environmental conscience. The all-in-one package functions with many lives; a carry box, fold-out hanging wall organizer, and stackable shoe shelf, that obtains a purpose extending past its initial objective of simply transporting the shoes and accessories from the store to home. The package highlights designing with intentions of reusability and multi-functionalities that promote sustainability and reducing waste."


Concept / United Arab Emirates

Soap Junkies 

These little conceptual bubbly trinkets make for great party favors. Designed by Daria Barchudarova, the crystalized "Soap Junkies" are small in size and are embedded with brilliant tones that translate onto the packaging. Colored cardstock is folded like origami and stuffed with diamond-patterned tissue paper, adding an additional decorative element as well as preventing the jewels from sifting during transportation.


Concept / UK 


Designer Sidney Lim YX designed a wellness brand around Iceland. 

"Meaning ‘genuine’ in Icelandic, Ósvikinn’s products are made from materials sourced from the country’s rich terrain, with its visual language heavily inspired by Icelandic terrain and geography, as well as the northern lights. The design combines organic lines, an icy colour palette and a geometric logo to result in an identity that is very much characteristic of modern Scandinavian design."


Student / UK 

Artist Inspired Wine Labels 

This range of wine labels is inspired by famous artists, designed by Humberto Gregorio of Gregoridesign. 

"Packaging Design (Label design) of wine labels based on the style of famous artists. These labels represent the visuals styles of Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Wassily Kandinsky. They pay homage on these great masters. The series could be largely expanded by additional labels inspired by other artists."


Concept / Germany 

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