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PerrierĀ® Limited Edition Street Art Collection

by Ivan Navarro on 09/24/2014 | 5 Minute Read

Perrier recently launched a collection of limited edition Street Art cans and bottles in collaboration with international street artists, JonOne, Sasu, and Kobra. Each artist was commissioned to interpret the french brand, individually tackling one of Perrier's signature packages; glass bottles, PET plastic bottles, and slim cans. 

"As an extension of the Perrier Street Art launch, the brand has commissioned Colossal Media to hand-paint 10 outdoor murals across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These dynamic murals, original street art in themselves, are set to appear on September 22nd, with one additional art mural to be revealed in December in Miami, just in time for Miami Art Week."


Perrier x JonOne


Perrier x Kobra


Perrier x Sasu


Additional Packaging 

“Creativity knows no borders, and Perrier, a stylish and iconic brand, is excited to bring this representation of vibrant urban art from around the world to our customers and fans,” - Priya Shenoy, Perrier Group Marketing Manager. 

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