Cucumber Witbier

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/04/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Acclaimed brewery Mikkeller and the food experts at I’m a KOMBO created packaging for their European brew Cucumber Witbier.


Brewed at D’Proef in Belgium, the designers were inspired by the brew's cucumber flavor to create a packaging design that complements the beer's interactive experience. 

"Designing the beer, we asked ourselves how would the beer get consumed and how would we contribute to that experience? It didn’t take long before we agreed that no concept could beat the ‘lime in Corona’ concept that we are all familiar with. That’s how the Cucumber Cap D.I.Y was born. A concept that compliments the beer’s natural flavor and at the same time functions as a base for a traditional canapé." - I'm a KOMBO

Designed by: Mikkeller and I'm a KOMBO

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

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