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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Ivan Navarro on 09/19/2014 | 9 Minute Read

The theme for this week's Concepts We Wish Were Real is illustration. It has become increasingly popular amongst indie brands, who embrace its hand-crafted elements, often using it in bold and artistic ways. The following projects have embraced illustration and coupled it with humor and narrative, creating concepts that are memorable as much for their story-telling as they are for their design. 


The DEAD Sea Brine 


The DEAD Sea Brine is the kind of drink a dead pirate would drink. Set against a DEAD Sea, the label is beautifully illustrated with pirate insignia and a macabre mermaid, which surprisingly adds playfulness to the project. 

Designed by Alessandra Criseo, London, UK.



The illustrations for PRISTINE SOAP CO. are so detailed and perfect, they're worthy of the same name. I really enjoy this illustration style for the attention to nuances like bark and texture. I'm also really curious to know what mountain smells like! 

"The goals of this project were to create a fictional brand, create a logo, decide upon a product for the brand, and illustrate the packaging for the product. This entire project, from ideation to the finished and mocked up project, took 3 weeks to complete."

Designed by M. Claire Thompson, Georgia, USA.

Beehive Honey Squares 


Designer Lacy Kuhn  produced this creative concept design for the National Cereal Corporation as part of her studies at Western Washington University in Washington state. Part of a newly conceived experiment for The Heartland line of breakfast cereals, the goal of the project was to produce food packaging that reflects the brand's all-American roots.

Kuhn's packaging design is inspired by Utah, which is dubbed the "Beehive State."  The art plays off the notion that bears love honey pots. The graphics are whimsical and cute, but still functional--displaying the food through a clear window so that people can see what they are buying.

The graphics are sweetly painted with warm yellows, whites and accents of black and are minimal--the bear is drawn with few strokes, but the overall design produces an aesthetic that seems partial to young mothers and children.

Designed by Lacy Kuhn, Washington, USA.

Let Them Eat Cake


Designer Natasha Radosavljevic's love of homemade canning and design collided in the best of ways with Let Them Eat Cake.  After individually packing her homemade chutneys for friends and family, she decided to create her own line of condiments - the first of which is this concept. 

"My inspiration came from Marie Antoinette’s love of elegant French pastries, her glamorous hairstyles and those famous words: 'Let them eat cake.' The jars are covered with Serbian daily-issue newspapers, while ribbons give it a decorative touch."

Designed by Natasha Radosavljevic, Serbia. 

Fearless Tongue Brew Co. 


A beer range with skeletons and long tongues doesn't sound like a good combo, but it totally works in this student concept. 

"As a hobby home-brew company, Fearless Tongue Brewing needed their identity and packaging to stand out from the rest. The illustration style offers a different avenue from other brewing companies while showing a fun adventurous side."

Designed by Kat Manor, Wisconsin, USA.

Oh So Typical 


I can't explain why I find this so endearing and awesome at the same time. Maybe it's the cat playing the cello or the hungover purple toucans, but I'm all about this. 

"OH SO TYPICAL is a conceptual fruit wine brand based in California. Marketed towards younger adults, original illustrations, vibrant color scheme, and handmade logotype were created that reflect the brand's fun and unique products."

Designed by Micael Butial, California, USA. 

Little Chocolate Monsters


"LITTLE CHOCOLATE MONSTERS brand identity is created to be enjoyed by children and adults who are kids at heart. Quirky characters and handmade logotype brings excitement to the children. After the chocolates have been eaten, kids can cutout the monsters and play with them for an out of the world experience."

Designed by Micael Butial, California, USA. 

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