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Sugar for everyday

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/12/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Sugar for everyday, designed by Ivan Pivovarov, is a hilarious take on a desktop calendar. Inspired by Horses and their love of sugar cubes, this minimal black box is comprised of these miniature blocks that make up the entire calendar year. The white cubes are at some point switched with brown ones, forming the number "2014." For those who have a bit of a sweet tooth, it's a great way to have your daily dose of sugar and eat it too.

"Calendar 2014  'Sugar every day' was developed for the company DMG as a gift on New Year's partners and customers . The idea of the calendar is based on the famous 'ritual' appeasement of the horse (symbol of the year ), treating it with a piece of sugar."

Designed by  Ivan Pivovarov

Client: DMG 

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

Graphic Designer: Sasha Kizik

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