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Student Concept—FOOD

Student: Svenningsen Chocolatier

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/10/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Students Thea Stevnhoj, Stephanie Deluran, Bjarke Kristensen, Sebastian Mortensen and Mie Fisher have assembled together in Denmark to create the ultimate chocolate box for the urban masses. Inspired by Chocolatier Peter Svenningsen's  journey in making rich fruity cacao bites, the group explores contrasting substrates. The square chocolates are packaged in an ash wood box, layered in black tissue paper. The box is then wrapped in a stark white sheet and secured with black string. The choice of wood brings warmth and a rustic feel to the product, while the clean white and black colors bring an edginess. 

Peter grows his own ingredients on his small island, Fejø, in Denmark. From these handpicked berries, spices and fruits he creates unique ganaches from which he makes exclusive, water-based chocolates. Peter is inspired by old recipes and the new Nordic cuisine.
Create a packaging design that reflects the tales and carefulness that lie in the chocolates. It needs to appeal to gourmets, have export potential (Japan & the USA) and be a representative of Denmark, since it is served on Danish Embassies.

Designed by Thea StevnhojStephanie Deluran, Bjarke KristensenSebastian Mortensen & Mie Fisher

School: School of Visual Communication

Country: Denmark

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