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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Ivan Navarro on 08/29/2014 | 15 Minute Read

Before you head out this Labor Day weekend, be sure to check out concepts and student work we wish were real. From a mystery bar of chocolate that reveals itself, to a range of liqueurs based on hallucinogenic flowers, these 10 projects would all be perfect for a Labor Day activity if they were only real. 

Happy Labor Day!


Prescription Beer 


Peter Jostrand created a clever way to remind people to take their daily dose of alcohol. “Prescription Beer” is a set of matte white “medication” beer bottles dipped half way in pigment. Each glass, labeled a day of the week, has its own designated color and together form a rainbow. Boxed in a paper crate, individual smaller abbreviated boxes containing the beverage are slipped in, referencing a Daily Pill Organizer. 

Design by Peter Jostrand 
Country: United States

F.C.J. Direct Juice Packaging


A new concept for fresh juice! This Russian line of juices is designed with minimal elements so as to not take away from the premium product inside.  I especially like the word cut-outs on each of the bottles. 

Design by Ruslan Simashev
Country: Russia 

Mystery Chocolate 


Mystery Chocolate implies exactly what it sounds like. Three varieties of chocolate, wrapped in black wrappers with little to no insignia, save for limited branding elements. Despite its near all black color palette, this concept still manages to be playful with the built in mechanism that lets the consumer reveal which variety of chocolate they have chosen.  

Design by Kevin Harald Campean 
Country: Hungary 

Travel Shaver


"A complete shaving kit for the light weight traveller. The kit contains face wash, shaving gel, aftershave and razor. The secondary packaging is not only compact and protective, but also acts as a tray for an organized and pleasurable experience. The kit is designed for a weeklong trip (7 days). So the customer does not have to open the kit before reaching destination or carry extra portions."

Design by Antti Ojala, Ville Merisalo & August Salo
Country: Finland 



TÉ is a concept for iced tea. I like this design for its color palette that I can only describe as "Air-y Citrus," with bright pops of yellow and green. As iced tea (the real kind) tends to be enjoyed as a natural substitute to carbonated drinks, I feel this design captures the essence of natural and real. 

Design by Erik Jarlsson
Country: USA



Indian marketing and brand agency The Neon Project created brand concept and packaging to resonate with consumers of alcoholic beverages for EnDizz. EnDizz, a natural energy booster was being marketed towards hangover sufferers. The packaging had to stand out in both pharmacy and wine shops and connect with a wide range of age groups.

AgencyThe Neon Project
Country: India

Londoner's Tale Brandy 


Designed by MAISON D'IDEE, this Londoner’s Tale Brandy explores the streets of London with a economic map engraved on the inside of the bottle. A river is accentuated, flowing from the base of the colored label to the ground of the bottle, representing the fluidity of the the beverage, while the gridded pattern gives a broken glass effect adding dimension.

Country: Czech Republic 



"The project consisted on developing the packaging and naming for small organic fruits and berries, minimizing the environmental impact that plastic containers produce. After analyzing environmental issues and ways of consumption, Sunrise developed a cardboard packaging with a structure that does not use points of glue; on the other hand, small holes were added to the design to create the transparency needed to show fruit at the point of sale. The name is inspired by the sunrise as a synonym for fresh fruits and the graphics on the labels were based on illustrations that evoke naturalness and reflect the organic origin of the fruit to differentiate each product."

Design by María Duriana Rodríguez, Diego Frayle y Silvia Albertí
Country: Spain 

Dynasty Organic Condiments 


Student Roger Wang redesigned Dynasty’s brand as an Asian Food supplier by fusing 2 very different cultural aesthetics. The line of exotic sauces, are bottled in white glazed ceramic and screen printed with ultramarine blue patterns on the neck as well as the body of the vials. The color palette, in combination with the shape of the bottle, resembles Greek olive oil packaging, while the traditional patterns give way to Asian culture. Finally, a play with numbers contemporizes and gives fluidity to what is a systematic and structured design.

Design by Roger Wang
School: Academy of Art University
Country: United States



"TRYP is a brand of herbal liqueurs made from hallucinogenic flowers that have been traditionally used to gain deeper understanding or induce visions of a spiritual nature. The aesthetic of this design was inspired by the organic shapes of the flowers (Blue Lotus, Morning Glory, and Devil's Trumpet). I wanted to transform the organic forms into modern patterns, using bright color, and gold metallic accents. This packaging series uses a variety of materials and textures, including hand painted enamel and cut vinyl. Always remember to TRYP responsibly."

Design by Hannah Schalles
Art Direction: Paul Kepple
School: Tyler School of Art
Country: USA 

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