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by Ivan Navarro on 08/29/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Swedish brewing nomads Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin founded Omnipollo in 2011. Fentie, a homebrewing enthusiast and Grandin, a visual artist and one of the founders of Cheap Monday, take a unique approach to brewing that has seen them ferment the label's success in a short span of time while developing an enthusiastic following among the craft beer community and discerning drinkers alike.


Näcken is a collaborative effort between Omnipollo, Siren Craft Brew and the Swedish homebrew champion Rick Gordon Lindqvist, 2013. In Scandinavian folklore, Näcken, or Strömkarlen, is a male water spirit who plays enchanted songs on the violin, luring women and children to drown in lakes and streams.

Russian Roulette is a collaboration between Omnipollo and Evil Twin. An IPA and a black IPA, sealed in identical bottles, 2012.

Potlatch is farmhouse ale hopped exclusively with Mosaic and refermented with Brettanomyces. There are two versions of the beer, an EU brewed version that comes in a green wrapping and a US brewed version in a yellow wrapping. Potlatch is a collaboration with American brewers Prairie Artisan Ales.

Brewmance, an Imperial Stout brewed with the most intelligent honey in the world, courtesy Bee Urban, and aged in Bourbon barrels, is a collaboration between Omnipollo and To Øl, 2012.

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Design by Karl Grandin

Brewery: Omnipollo 

Country: Sweden

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