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Suja Elements Tea

by Barbara Zandvliet on 08/20/2014 | 2 Minute Read

San Diego graphic design agency Bex Brands worked with juice maker Suja Elements to design packaging and branding for its new line of tropical cold brew teas. 


For this project, Bex Brands was challenged to keep the packaging consistent with the company's existing branding, while also introducing a whole new product. 

"While Suja Essentials base juice line is very colorful and bold, their tea line utilized a burlap-type texture and banner-style violator to differentiate. It maintains consistency with the base line with the transparent droplet area, typography and top and bottom bands." 

The tea line features four different flavors distinguished by a pop of color, which stand out against the brand's otherwise earthy tones. The focal point of the design is on the company's logo, which is enhanced with banners that provide additional details about the product. As part of the company's mission to provide healthy and delicious beverages, it treats its final packaging with High Pressure Processing to destroy pathogens while preserving vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. 

Agency: Bex Brands

Designers: Daniela Anderson, Jeremy Dahl, Becky Nelson

City: San Diego

Country: USA

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