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by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/21/2014 | 3 Minute Read

A North East collaboration with Duane Dalton, houses a set of cool apparel and accessories. The focus is on a futuristic halftone print present on both the t-shirt and poster. Keeping with the theme, a black self-erecting six corner tray was used and trimmed with a white sticker sealing the opening.

"I tend to work with basic and solid forms a lot, so for this project I knew I wanted to use the opportunity to try something with a bit more complexity, whilst retaining some sort of basic geometry. I used the halftone effect to strike a balance between a solid form, when viewed from a distance, and then a dotted, complex form when viewed up close."

- Duane Dalton

Crux is a limited edition boxset. Contains a t-shirt, poster, badges, and special package. Available from North East.

Designed by Duane Dalton

Client: North East

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

Photography: North East

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