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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Andrew Gibbs on 08/01/2014 | 10 Minute Read

From Lavender Milk, to an alphabet game named Alpha Bones, this week we have collected six concepts we wish were real for our new weekly feature, aptly named Concepts We Wish Were Real. Enjoy!




OR D'OLIVA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Student Olga Cortes creates packaging for OR D'OLIVA Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The design goes beyond the product itself, expanding to stationary and marketing materials. in efforts to attract a younger audience. The logo cleverly experiments with type and imagery by representing "O" as an olive and using the drop of oil as wallpaper on the bag. The base of the bottle, diagonally colored white, gives the illusion against a white background that the bottle is tilting. 

Designed by Olga Cortes 
Country: Spain


Schepps Dairy Superior Milk

Michael Garrett created this packaging for Schepps Dairy Superior Milk. The product itself is unlike any of its kind as it contains a variety of infused flavors such as Lavender and Lemongrass. In order to capture the brands edge in the dairy world, a glass bottle was designed with a minimal graphic. The bottle is blasted with matte black leaving a wave pattern and a bit of peek through so you can see the milky white beverage. The cap is an unexpected element to the package since milk containers are usually sealed with a plastic or tin cap. In this case, the bottle is fixed with a cork and reinforced with a stick label. The typography on this piece, debossed with multiple Swashes, gives an illustrious element to what is a fun, and bold design.

Designed by Michael Garrett
Client: Schepps
Country: United States
State: Texas


Danone Greek Yogurt

Colombian graphic designer and student Diego Frayle created a design proposal for Canadian dairy business, Danone and its line of Greek yogurt. 

“The aim of the project was to redesign the identity and packaging of Danone Greek Yogurt [and] introduce its new name Danone Oikos. The proposal preserves the most representative elements of the current pack…turning the “O” into a bowl and keeping the blue a key color. The white background evokes traditional Greek architecture and gives quality to the product.”

Frayle’s design proposal preserves the most representative elements of Danone’s product and adds an element of fun to the design typography with brand icons, while observing the cultural influences of the company’s products in a modern and simple way.

Designed byDiego Frayle
School: Master of Packaging Design in Elisava School
Country: Spain
City: Barcelona 
Co-designer: Maria Andrea Galindo


Yubarta Beer

Yubarta Beer is uniquely created by Domingo Reyes with an “out of the box” design. Yubarta uses the literal translation of their name to illustrate an enormous humpback whale punching out of the label. Its tail wraps around the bottle like a whip and the same technique is used as another fin seals the bottle cap. The Beer’s shape leans more toward a sake bottle, tinted brown, with a pop of cool mint green or a strong pungent red.

“Concept, art and packaging I made for Yubarta Beer, you can find it in Mexico. The naming Yubarta means in spanish humpback whale. it has two sku´s, which is ‘Rubia’ a golden ale beer and ‘Negra’ a porter ale beer.”

Designed by Domingo Reyes
Client: Yubarta Beer
Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City


Alpha Bones

Alpha bones is a concept designed by student Joe Scorsone at Tyler School of Art. The project’s thesis started as a means to teach kids about typography and slowly morphed into a more loose and creative sense of the word. The decision to make the game flexible, giving the child the ability to use the right side of their brain vs. their left was a smart choice. The packaging of this game is equally open minded, yet sophisticated in color palette. The lime green and black suggests the product’s target audience to be about 6+ rather than 4+. The box is sectioned off  with the name “Alpha Bones” written in bones, centered, while examples of ways the product can be utilized surrounds it. Typography is stressed with bold versatile type printed across the container with gives the packaging dynamic strength.  

Art Director: Joe Scorsone
Designer: Zan Barnett
School: Tyler School of Art
Country: United States
State: Philidelphia 


Syrena Vodka

Designed by Luksemburk, this packaging design for Syrena vodka captures the saying, “Vodka means water” throught this airy design. The angular clear bottle contrasts with the organic pattern. The base of the bottle gradients from a deep blue representing the ocean floor to the surface of the water. The container is cleverly sealed with a sticker fin diving into a body of water as fish scales cascade down the bottle.

“The brief was to design of vodka bottle for Dekorglass - a manufacturer of glass packaging. The order included the creation of decorating on a standard bottle, and the creation of a dedicated shape of the bottle.”

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