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The Dieline Summit

Announcing The Dieline Summit at Emballage - Nov 16-17, Paris

by Andrew Gibbs on 07/10/2014 | 3 Minute Read

A few years ago I met an incredibly friendly French man named Fabrice Peltier. Fabrice, arguably the most well known package designer in France, has designed over 12,000 consumer products in his career, including the iconic French soda, Orangina. You may have heard of it. As packaging lovers, we had a natural connection. 

When Fabrice and I met in person, we quickly realized that we both had a shared life vision: to educate the world about packaging design, and give voice to packaging’s impact on the world around us. Fabrice and I talked about this a lot over the years, and we asked ourselves how we could take this vision to a grander scale. 

Fabrice and I first partnered to host an exhibit of The Dieline Awards 2012 winners underground in the Paris subway system, literally bringing packaging to the people. Our second venture was to take the exhibit to Emballage (French for “packaging”), the international expo for packaging professionals. Emballage is a massive global packaging event that attracts over 100,000 attendees every two years in Paris. The exhibit was a massive hit, and it inspired a collaboration between The Dieline and Emballage that has been in the works for two years. 

The Dieline Summit Press Preview

Fast forward to today, I have just returned from Paris - one of my favorite cities in the world - and a center for art, design, and culture. I joined Fabrice and the Emballage team where we announced The Dieline’s latest venture to the international design press, our first international event: The Dieline Summit at Emballage

The Dieline Summit was created to address what we see as a real need in the industry, at this very moment in the history of design. Together, The Dieline and Emballage are able to elevate our joint influence in the global packaging arena, and address the future of packaging design on a global scale.

As rapid shifts in both the industry, and the roles of designers are changing right before our eyes, designers and marketers are now responsible for more than just making their brands look pretty. They are responsible for how their products impact the world and environment around them, how they speak on shelf, how they sell, and how consumers interact with them after purchase. We believe that designers and marketers need to keep up with this rapid pace of change, and need understand how these changes will effect their career futures.

What's most exciting, is that this shift is also changing the career paths of designers, marketers, and product creators. The lines between them are becoming much more blurred. Understanding of these shifts, and insights into what the future holds will prepare the next generation of product and packaging leaders. As more and more business are relying on the value of design, we see today as the single most exciting time in history to be a designer. 

With The Dieline Summit, we are setting out to create a future-forward discussion that challenges the status-quo, and inspires creators of packaging, products, and consumer brands to help solve today’s global problems and change the world through package design. The mission is to prepare the next generation of designers by asking one simple question: 


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