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Project Charisma Teaser Box Set

by Jessica Deseo on 07/28/2014 | 7 Minute Read

Hong Kong Studio - BLOW has created Project Charisma, a promotional packaging teaser that showcases Polytrade Paper. The box set is to promote their range of eight papers. BLOW wanted to showcase something different and developed eight sets of cosmetic packaging. Each representing a different woman and their unique character. 

"Every woman has a unique charisma to inspire people and make them admire her, so does every paper. To express the Irresistible charm and beauty of papers and women, 8 sets of cosmetic packaging will be created with 8 specific paper series from polytrade paper. Project charisma is more than the highlight of women’s attractive personal quality, it’s all about papers’ charisma. We have created a premium box set with 8 lip stick packaging inside to launch the project."

- BLOW, Hong Kong


BLOW really created something unique to showcase the capabilities of Polytrade paper. You usually see paper sample books or just pads of different paper types, but being able to actually see what you can create with polytrade paper is amazing. The concept behind the promotion is really thought out. Relating paper to a unique woman is a different concept that also gives the consumer or client the range capabilities on the printing for each paper - embossed, foil, etc. A truly stunning and beautiful execution.

Designed by BLOW 
City: Hong Kong

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