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Spotlight: Stone Creek Coffee

by Andrew Gibbs on 07/25/2014 | 5 Minute Read

Stone Creek Coffee is a Wisconsin based small batch coffee roaster started by Eric Resch and his wife, Melissa. About a year ago, Eric hired design firm LP/w, also based in Wisconsin, to lend a hand on the overall brand experience, in-store experience, and packaging. 

The conversation between LP/w Design Studios and Stone Creek Coffee began about a year ago. Up to this point, Eric Resch was acting as founder, president, strategist, creative director and the list kept going. A full bandwidth to say the least. And though their internal team did a great job of executing necessary items (packaging, menus, website, etc) to keep the company moving forward, these items did not make a brand. Moreover, if there is any criticism against Stone Creek’s previous brand, it would be they were too humble - a trait quite common in Milwaukee.
— Libby and Patrick Castro - LP/w

The Core Product:

Stone Creek is unveiling its new packaging, which reflects three distinct series of coffee lines: Classic, Seasonal and Lab. The Classic series includes some of the company’s well-known existing blends that will be available year-round; the Seasonal series naturally features rotating seasonal offerings; and the Lab series will feature rare and limited-availability coffees, typically from small family farms.
— Daily Coffee News

The Retail Environment:

When Eric hired LP/w Design Studios to lend a hand to the overall brand experience, their Radio, Milwaukee location construction was already in full swing. 

In designing the Radio Milwaukee experience, we wanted our customers to SEE how we THINK - insightful and inspired, silly and serious. We love what we do and we wanted it to SHOW. From a design perspective, we wanted to really dive deep with quality AND quantity - to create a slightly overwhelming and inarguably inspiring experience. Looking back we had a little over 6 weeks from when we were hired to when the cafe opened. If we turned a ship around that fast, we can’t wait to see what we can do in the coming year.

Case Study Series:

"We are launching a new series of coffees called Case Studies. This series explores different variables affecting the final flavor of coffee. The inaugural offering, a box set called, How Does Processing Affect Flavor?, contains three bags of coffee from the same crop, processed using three different methods. 
Processing refers to the two parts of the milling process. The first part is how a producer removes the fruit of the cherry from the coffee bean. The second part is how a producer dries the coffee (with or without fruit on the bean, on patios or beds, etc.) 
Our box set explores the three primary kinds of processing : Washed, Semi-Washed, and Natural. Washed process coffees dry with the fruit removed from the bean. Semi-washed coffees leave a bit of fruit around the bean as it dries. Natural process coffees dry inside of the whole cherry."

Cold Brew:

"As part of our continued rebranding for Stone Creek Coffee, the new visual brand utilizes pattern-filled typography as a way to express the intersection of science and craft."

Agency: LP/w Design Studios
Client: Stone Creek Coffee
Design: Patrick Castro at LP/w Design Studios, Kim Dunn at Stone Creek Coffee

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