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Urban Decay: Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Collection

by Jessica Deseo on 07/15/2014 | 4 Minute Read

We all remember Pulp Fiction and specifically Mrs. Mia Wallace. She had her sassy moves, badass look, and after the movie, she became an instant pop-culture icon. Urban Decay created a special edition collection that commemorates the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction and specifically Mia. The collection includes an eye shadow palette, nail polish, lip stick and liner. The packaging for the eye shadow palette reminds me of VHS cassette packaging - black, yellow, red and definitely inspired by Mia with her iconic black bob, red lips, nails and cigarette in tow. Now anyone can re-create her look and feel inspired to stay and: 



"We’re diehard 'PULP FICTION' fans (confession: showing our age!). And with this year marking the twentieth anniversary of the film, we wanted to commemorate the occasion the UD way—with an ultra-limited-edition 'PULP FICTION' collaboration. Our inspiration? None other than the cool (and completely badass) Mrs. Mia Wallace. She looked amazing in the film, so we keyed off of her iconic look. What started out as a lipstick and nail polish quickly morphed into a whole collection! And we got to watch one of our all-time favorite films over and over, all in the name of research."

Designed by Urban Decay
City: Newport Beach
State: California
Country: United States

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