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Before & After: The Beginnings

by Diane Lindquist on 07/15/2014 | 7 Minute Read

Asketic created a color-pattern design for The Beginnings, which offers strengthening raw food ingredients from around the world. The visual identity and packaging was created using patterns from various places around the world. By combining and contrasting these patterns, Asketic brought the wild of the jungle into the wild of the city. The concept and identity, product packaging, a library of illustrated patterns and visual guidelines to help expand the brand identity as it evolves. 

“Before we started work on the visual identity and the packaging design, we formulated the basic essence of the brand – Begin Anywhere. Making healthy choices and eating better can be done at any time, at any age, and in any part of the world. You can begin right now, and right here!
We were able to use unusual, striking ideas because our client was bold and had full trust in us. This allowed us to lift the brand out of the usual eco-healthy grey style, leaving no costumer indifferent.” 
—  Krišjānis Jukumsons, Asketic


Before & After: The Beginnings


After: The Beginnings


Martins Vētra, co-founder of healthy raw-food brand The Beginnings, answered a few questions on the redesign.

"What gave you the courage to go ahead with such a striking and untraditional design solution?

We turned to Asketic with a concrete vision – to create a brand for an international market. We were an exportable product produced in Latvia with a design that could compete with similar products in the global market. We had worked with the old brands and their graphic versions but this time Matīss and I had an agreement – before we talk to Asketic we would agree amongst ourselves that we would not put any creative limitations on the result – we would accept whatever was offered. When we saw the proposal, we were positively surprised, especially about the personal feeling that emanates from the design. It wasn’t just a pretty picture. It’s a very visually clever approach to the idea of – the beginning – that everyone has their own.

At present we have decided to stay with two brands – RawGarden for the restaurant and juice bar, while The Beginnings will be the face of our food production and packaging.

What is the feedback from your customers about the new design in comparison with the previous brown boxes? 

The feedback about the design is positive, at the same time we are thinking of nuances to improve. For example, as the packaging is so colourful, we need to think of the product names – they need to be bigger, more obvious so that it’s easier for customers to identify each product.

But then again, you could have just as easily weighed the goods into a brown paper bag. Why does a good product need well thought-out design? 

We work in a premium market niche. Our production is labour intensive and the finished product – high quality. Therefore, the packaging has to be of equal quality so that when the customer takes it from the shelf, it triggers the right associations."






Designed by Asketic

Country: Latvia

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