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Before & After: Isabel's Baking Made Easy

by Diane Lindquist on 07/01/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Free From products tend to make up the least inspiring aisle in the supermarket. A huge number of these brands use pack photography that’s simply unappealing, yet Isabel’s mixes are so good, you can’t even tell they’re ‘free from’. The brand deserved some genuine foodie appeal. So we chose a mouthwatering editorial photography style that made the food the star of the show.” 
– Martin Widdowfield, Design Director at Robot Food 

Isabel’s is a Free From home-bake brand. Their delicious mixes are naturally free from gluten, wheat, additives and added sugars. Robot Food created a category-busting new identity, proving that free from foods can boast foodie values. 

Wheat and gluten-free foods are a growing lifestyle trend. Isabel’s wanted a brand that appealed to a broadening range of consumers, and to communicate how their products are delicious enough for everyone, not just those with food intolerances. 

Their existing brand identity looked bland, dated and was not cutting the mustard. Category perceptions were not helping, being notorious for a lack of inspiration, apologetic packaging, and a tendency to blend into the wallpaper. 


Before: Isabel's Baking Made Easy Packaging

Robot Food also contemporised the logo and created a friendlier tone of voice, replacing the existing strapline, ‘Naturally free from’ with ‘Baking made easy’. This added an aspirational feel and reinforced the new ‘lifestyle’ direction. A color-coded system clarified and differentiated their various gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free ranges, making everything easier to shop. The agency also created and designed Isabel’s website. 

The rebrand succeeded in changing perceptions of Isabel’s, and made the point that good quality Free From products are genuinely tasty enough for everyone to enjoy. Since the rebrand, Asda, Dunnes and Ocado are stocking the range, among others. 

Robot Food has given an amazing new life for my brand. Their dedication and creativity has paid off and the results absolutely reflect my vision, which is to provide inspiring home-cooking mixes to a discerning audience, and gain more supermarket shelf space. All achieved.
— Isabel, Owner and Head Chef

After: Isabel's Baking Made Easy Packaging 


Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds


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