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Student: Demitasse Creamery

by Diane Lindquist on 06/26/2014 | 5 Minute Read

Demitasse Creamery is a fictional locally-owned coffee and ice cream shop created by student Brianne Boland. Demitasse Creamery features a mischief-inspired branding with punny sayings and iconography united with a very delightfully yellow, white and black color palette.

"The store attracts a variety of consumers, from moms and children to businessmen and women. This means branding a product that serves multiple functions to multiple walks of life. And with such a fun, interesting combination of products, the brand can't help but be a little special all on it's own. The Demitasse identity obviously needed to convey this. 
The overarching concept throughout my design was bringing this cheeky, smart, unique personality to life. And I didn't want to do so quietly. I chose a limited palette centered around one bold, in-your-face, HI-HOW-ARE-YA hue. Yellow was the obvious choice, as it held just the right amount of modernity and originality, excitement and mischief, youth and sophistication. Coupled with 'punny' sayings and iconography that forces a smile, I wanted Demitasse Creamery to come alive with every playful sip and spunky spoonful."


Designed by Brianne Boland

Country: United States

State: Missouri

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