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POQA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/26/2014 | 2 Minute Read

POQA Extra Virgin Olive Oil designed by DesignBond is truly a stunning way to bottle olive oil. POQA's sleek, artistic design pays tribute to the meticulous process that comes with making superior extra virgin olive oil. 

"The packaging of extra virgin olive oil, was for a group of artists who have communicated their shared vision in a special way, not only a challenge but also an ultimate goal. The unique quality, brilliant clear green color and unique flavor of this product should be accommodated in a package where it would be protected respecting the sacred rules of the ancient Greek hospitality.
Particular attention was given to preserving the products’ sensory elements right to the moment of its consumption, by maintaining an even temperature, protecting it from sunlight or even from the touch of the hands of the consumer. 
The isothermal glass container was designed to protect the product, the environment and our health. With its double insulating material, it is ergonomic for everyday use. The strainer is not embedded directly in oil and is in fact designed to separate materials that can be later added inside the bottle (i.e. Mediterranean spice herbs for aromatic oil, olives or any other use)."


Designed by DesignBond

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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