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Silver & Green

by Diane Lindquist on 06/25/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Silver & Green offers olives, olive oil, antipasti, tapas and meze with an authentic Mediterranean touch. Salad Creative were tasked with redesigning the brand and packaging to elicit "more appeal" to their targeted customers and merchants. Using a rustic style that played off of Silver & Green's heritage, Salad Creative created a playful and modern brand using hand-drawn lettering and a watercolor type-on-type approach to their packaging.

"Working with Salad was a smooth, fun ride. We love the way they take the time to really dig into what's behind you and your company before any design, or even research, begins. The team helped us work through all our muddled thoughts and ideas and piece them together in a way that has allowed us to start turning a business into a brand."

– Rachel Hannaford, Director, Silver & Green

"A customised font forms the main logo, with textures applied to further enhance personality. This is combined with a choice of uncoated paper stock and supporting hand-written font. A bold color palette is used to bring the designs to life and emphasize the flavor of the countries and cultures that inspire the recipes. The response and results have been outstanding. Just a month after the launch of Silver & Green’s new branded products, more accounts have been opened than in the entire two years previously."
– Salad Creative

Designed by Salad Creative

Country: United Kingdom 


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