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Thank You, Boston!

by Diane Lindquist on 06/13/2014 | 13 Minute Read

Last month, The Dieline Team headed to Boston for 4th year of The Dieline Conference. This year we focused on the emerging and evolving roles of package designers. Each speaker lent their expertise through sessions crafted around this theme. 

The Dieline’s founder, Andrew Gibbs, and The Dieline team gathered and curated forward-thinking designers that we have all admired, and followed throughout the year. These designers are relevant to our industry and were gracious enough to share their work and experience with us. 

There is no doubt that the success of The Dieline Conference is all due to our readers, speakers, colleagues, sponsors and the entire design industry who knows and believes in the potential of creating an event that benefits package designers. We are grateful for those who support this and without you The Dieline Conference would not be possible.

We hoped that you have enjoyed it as much as we had fun putting this grand event together for you. I wanted to share a collection of photos and instagram snaps from The Dieline Conference and The Dieline Awards 2014. Hope to see you this Fall in Paris, and next year in Chicago!


The Dieline Conference



The Dieline Awards 

The Winners of The Dieline Awards 2014 were announced at HOW Design Live. For the 5th year, The Dieline is proud and honored to be able to give the art of consumer package design the platform and the recognition it truly deserves. The Dieline Awards 2014 Winners represent the peak of package design, the most creative work designed over the past year from all across the globe. 

In front of an audience of over 1000 creatives, 42 winners across 13 different categories were awarded a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place Award. 

We had the pleasure of Steve Kazanjian and Jonathan Sands host this remarkable event. It was a ceremony filled with honor and laughs.

Award winning projects were on full display following The Dieline Award ceremony. (You can also view the winning packages here.) A pop-up exhibit outside of Hynes Auditorium following the ceremony allowed everyone in attendance to see the award winning packages up-close and personal. 

Thank you to all that attended!

A special thank you to our sponsors HLP Klearfold and Bert Co.



This year at HOW Design Live, The Dieline and Dan & Dave Industries had the pleasure to launch Deckstarer, the world’s first dedicated funding platform for custom designed playing cards.

At HOW Design Live we debuted our first set of custom design playing cards. We asked two of our favorite designers, Aaron Draplin and Debbie Millman to imagine their own deck and we were excited to launch Aaron and Debbie's creations at HOW Design Live. Each of these decks are wildly different interpretations of a traditional deck, and show the range of possibilities for design, print and packaging.

We gifted nearly 3,000 designers these inspiringly creative decks in their registration bags. Both Aaron and Debbie graciously signed decks to attendees. Did you get your deck signed? Share with us on Twitter, @DeckStarter.


Did you enjoy our playlist at the conference? Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify. 

Join us at The Dieline Conference and HOW Design Live in Chicago next year! 


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