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The Dieline Awards 2014

The Dieline Awards 2014: Fresh Food, 1st Place – Blue Goose

by Diane Lindquist on 05/15/2014 | 4 Minute Read

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded SID LEE's Blue Goose 1st Place in the Fresh Food category.


"In 2013, Blue Goose was entering the organic & natural food category, at a time when it was rife with consumer skepticism thanks to marketers’ abuse of buzzwords. A fledgling brand with an amorphous identity, this only served to compound its awareness problems. 

Blue Goose needed to define an evocative brand purpose that would translate into a visual identity with resonance; one that would leap off the shelf, generate consumer interest, and engender trust. The brand wanted to assure consumers that their healthy products were the real deal, so it sought to make the truth visually undeniable through its packaging. 

SID LEE's approach to developing Blue Goose’s identity and packaging was to connect the products’ properties with tangible health benefits in a visual way, embedding its brand story into all design elements. They chose a simple solution that would connect craftsmanship and humane production to the notion of a healthy, quality product.

The brand’s soft, stylized approach breaks the category convention of generic “farm” imagery, and conveys a premium, artisanal positioning through its crafted feel. Hand-drawn illustrations of the cows, chickens, and fish serve as the focal point for the packaging, using their bodies to tell the Blue Goose story. The animals themselves are the canvases for rich and true representations of their natural environment and the conditions they grow in. 

Blue was chosen as the brand colour as it beautifully juxtaposes the healthy, pink colour of the meat in packaging and separates the brand from competing marques since it’s a colour not traditionally associated with food. 

Through a visually arresting brand identity and packaging system, Blue Goose succeeded in imparting its compelling story to unfamiliar shoppers, and significantly increased its distribution in the Canadian market."

Designed by SID LEE

Country: Canada

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