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Student: Nada

by Diane Lindquist on 05/14/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Created by two students, Thomas Squire and Eve Warren, Nada features geometric patterns in bold colors.

"Nada isn’t just a brand for healthy food, but a brand that communicates through fashion, beauty, well being and body confidence. These core values are reflected across the brands packaging and visual identity, through the use of minimalism contrasted with an array of bright and geometrical patterns. Minimalism has been applied to the lid of the packaging, which represents the products value of innocence, health and well being. The patterns that have been applied to the container symbolise fashion, beauty, the fusion of flavours in the pasta and the various pasta / noodle shapes. The gold foil is an added detail which adds luxury to brand and it's abstract and random use implies the ideal that every has stand out qualities within there own unique skin. The brand name Nada refers to use of organic and fair trades foods used in both the production of the pasta as well as the transportation and sale of the product being completely ethical. Furthermore the Nada is about a simplistic healthy lifestyle, that is free from nasty ingredients that we don't need in our bodies and the brand champions natural, pure ingredients."


Designed by Thomas Squire and Eve Warren

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds

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