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The Dieline Awards 2014: Technology, Media, & Self Promotional, 3rd Place – UP24

by Diane Lindquist on 05/15/2014 | 3 Minute Read

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded Fuseproject and Jawbone'UP24 3rd Place in the Technology, Media, & Self Promotional category.


"UP24 by Jawbone is a wearable device that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices, everyday. UP24 and its packaging were designed in collaboration by fuseproject and Jawbone.

This year, the packaging for UP has been completely redesigned, and re-envisions Jawbone’s iconic 'museum box metaphor' in resource-conserving materials.  The new design uses simple recycled materials and less PET. The result is an elegant showcase for the product with a much lower carbon footprint than other solutions in the market. UP24’s new packaging is simple, weighs less and is scalable across Jawbone’s portfolio of products.

Jawbone’s philosophy has always been to 'showcase the product.' The 'museum box' was born out of this principle, and the new UP24 pack evolves the showcase icon from a ‘pedestal’ to a ‘frame’.

The new design is on-brand, differentiated on shelf, and a more functional showcase for the product than the original pack. The UP24 pack delivers these benefits in a design language that is fresh, bright, and visually clean; an authentic expression of a modern ethos. 

The packaging consists of three pieces: a white, molded paper pulp tray that serves as the frame and main structural element, a clip that holds the product, and a clear slip cover that carries the branding and protects the product.

To highlight the product, the white paper pulp tray has angled sides that amplify available light and reflect it back onto the product–an amazing difference in the poor lighting of most retail environments. Paper pulp is not a new material, but in this case it has been elevated to an 'A' surface that is seen along with the product. The pulp’s surface carries a subtle texture pattern that is referential to the textures found on UP24. 

The new Jawbone pack had to be extendable across multiple product lines. It took extensive collaboration with Jawbone’s supply chain and internal resources to push the boundaries of the materials and manufacturing processes to create a viable solution. Ultimately, working with and understanding the limitations of paper pulp secured the successful implementation of the design.

Another shift for Jawbone is in the amount of marketing copy on the new packages. With Jawbone’s goal to return to a less complicated retail experience as well as an acknowledgement that their customers are more savvy in their research prior to purchase, the front-facing copy could be drastically reduced.

Combined with the white framed products, the bold branding on the pack’s front creates a recognizable “product billboard” that stands out from the clutter around it."

Designed by Fuseproject and Jawbone


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