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Monsieur Moustache Mustard

by Jessica Deseo on 04/14/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Studio Chapeaux has designed Monsieur Moustache Mustard with branding focused on the oldest condiment in a fun illustrative way while incorporating clever copywriting. Creating witty characters with different moustaches that relate to the actual taste of the mustard. 

"For more than 3000 years, mustard has been cherished as a sophisticated complement to the finest dishes, conquering the world's most illustrious dining tables. 

To bring to life recipes from across the mustard spectrum we have created a range of moustachioed connisseurs. Each expresses the character of a particular mustard through their moustache. They are the grande monsieurs moustache: 

The Man: Monsieur Piérre 
The Mustard: A feeling like a thousand butterflies in the belly 

The Man: Monsieur François 
The Mustard: Sweet, with juicy, handpicked dates 

The Man: Monsieur Henri 
The Moustache: Spicy hot with roasted chillies and plenty of passion"


Designed by Studio Chapeaux

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg

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