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Midnight Moon Artist Box

by Diane Lindquist on 04/22/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Device Creative Collaborative was asked by the folks of Piedmont Distillers to created a special  box for music events they were sponsoring. They created a beautiful wood box that was screen printed with Midnight Moon branding. Inside additional branding promotional materials were crated that match the artist box.

"Piedmont Distillers sponsors music events throughout the summer. They asked us to create a gift for the musicians on the tour. Our main focus? Entertain and educate these guys on Midnight Moon moonshine, while keeping the design true to the roots of this great tasting spirit. 

Recipients opened a wooden, screen printed box, inspired by old moonshiner crates, to find a card welcoming them to enjoy the Midnight Moon experience. Musicians were then greeted with an overview and history of the brand, along with cocktail recipes and 'The Great Boredom Bust' activity book, designed to share details about the product and keep them entertained when the groupies weren't around. Underneath, they found three individually wrapped jars of Midnight Moon, along with branded cups for enjoying the shine."


Designed by Device Creative Collaborative
Country: United States

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