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Stirling Creamey

by Jessica Deseo on 03/07/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Stirling Creamery commissioned Mimi Maxwell to design a creamery with a lot of history. Armed with the old-world know-how of a long line of family cheese makers, Stirling Creamery was established over 85 years ago.

With one churn and two coal burning, steam-powered pasteurizers, the West Family began a proud legacy that lives on today.

The current design is an evolution of that history. The colors reflect an aspect of each butter type, blue for the clarity of the unsalted, "butter cream" yellow for the salted and orange as a nod to the cheese the Whey comes from for a richer flavoured butter. As well, the solid colouring helps to stand out on the dairy shelf. 


Designed by Mimi Maxwell

Printing: Deluxe Paper

Client: Stirling Creamery Ltd.

Country: Canada

State: Ontario

City: Toronto 

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