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Shien Cosmetics

by Jessica Deseo on 03/28/2014 | 3 Minute Read

The Portland based brand and design agency, We are Branch, has developed packaging for Shien Cosmetics inspired by snakes. The snakes on the packaging and overall branding for Shien communicate "feminine power, mystery and magic." 

We are Branch worked with Shien Lee to first design the brand identity for Shien Cosmetics:

"Initially there were quite a few colors and patterns we played with, many with intricate Asian-inspired motifs. But each time, we came back to simplicity. We wanted the line to feel sophisticated and timeless and to not overpower the product story. The branding centers around two snakes intertwining — snakes are a powerful symbol in Chinese legends and as Shien mentioned in our early conversations, 'snakes communicate feminine power, mystery and magic."

"Later, we worked with Shien Lee to create the packaging. The lipstick tube features a glossy black finish, silver wordmark and a tonal embossed dragon symbol in the lid. The matte black boxes features a spot varnish of the oversized snake symbol that lines up when they are placed in succession. Once the branding and packaging were wrapped up, Shien Lee ran with the basics and created all the product formulations, visuals and the website."


Designed by We Are Branch

Country: Oregon 

City: Portland  

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