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Real Shit, Organic Manure for Urban Farmers

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 02/20/2014 | 3 Minute Read

How often can you literally say 'yes, I make shit' or 'yes, I sell shit'? This company made REAL SHIT, a real business, and they are proud of it. Real Shit is sold inside hermetic cans that keep intact the properties of manure. They also can be easily opened and closed as needed. The illustrations indicates which animals the products are from (70% horse 30% chicken) . 

"Producing a good manure is an old practice, perfected during the years thanks to the ancient wisdom of expert farmers. We didn’t discover anything new."

"Everything started during a winter sunday, in the country, looking at the spirals of steam rising up from ripening manure. We’ve been bewitched by such a marvel. Those mountains of shit were wonderful. The manure is the most precious thing you can find in the country side. Each farmer could tell you.

This is the history of Real Shit: 100% organic manure, produced by happy animals who live in the farm and eat just organic and healthy food. We just pile the manure up and let it rip for 8 months. Through this process shit looses all the germs and bacteria and start to smell different. In Italy we call this method 'Cumuli di letame'. 

Farming is a declaration of independence. Plant your flag."

Designed by Alan DindoFederico Lodolini, Riccardo Mercati for REAL SHIT

Country: Italy 

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