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by Jessica Deseo on 12/09/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Polka brings a global product selection that is carefully curated to Japan. When creating the identity of Polka, the usage of dots for the identity was utilized in a modern and joyful way which can be seen with each piece of the identity from the business cards, stationary and fun buttons. 


"When I created POLKA’s brand image, I expressed the passion, pioneering spirit, and many of interests as POLKA’s identity."

"By used of polka dot that is the origin of the name of POLKA, I produced the logotype that is full of modernity and joy. Then, by extracting the dots, I designed the original pattern of random arrangement of large and small four dots. It expresses the interests, pioneering spirit , passions, funs, the claims of individuality of POLKA."

Designed by: Yuta Takahashi
Country: Japan

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