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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/05/2014 | 13 Minute Read

Today we take a look at prismatic conceptual creations that use bold colors and abstract shapes that accentuate and draw attention.


Santo Olive Oil


Student Birce Kırbaş created a traditionally unique packaging design for SANTO Olive Oil. Inspired by medicine and how it correlates to olive oil's nutritious factor, the product is fitted with a cork and gothic font bordered in red triangles. The glass bottle is slipped in tin to keep with the old-fashion theme along with a folded instruction manual.

"Instead of a doctor's portrait, I drew Oskar Matzerath who is the main character of the book "The Tin Drum" written by Günter Grass and has been adapted to a film later. This character is a little boy who decides never to grow up and literally stays still. From another perspective (if we ignore the fact that the novel is strongly political) he stays young! So I adapted this little boy character as a symbol of youth which is one of the facts of the usage of olive oil." 

Designed by Birce Kırbaş

Country: Turkey




"The estate of Château La Coste offers wine and art of the highest quality. North of Aix , about 200 hectares ( 125 vines) , Irish businessman Patrick McKillen built since 2003 's Xanadu. It's a crazy art project winery, open to the public. Cultural and country walks are available through the woods, hills, vineyards and olive.

Château La Coste decides to create a new range of wine with the artists and their works installed on the field. Each label contains information about an artist, his work and its location on the course. They thus make the link between art, nature and wine. The bottle on sale in various distribution points will communicate on the field and concept."

Designed by Quentin Moretti

Country/City: France, Paris


Kiehl's Luminosity


Kiehl's Luminosity is a new product from the famous brand Kiehl's. The aim of this project, designed by Silvia Albertí and Corinne Carbonnel , was to reflect the concentrated effect that produces the serum in the skin. We choose the concept of the rain and how it fills into every surface it encounters. 

"We bet for a condensed graphic design, with 3 different colours to differentiate each product (scrub & antioxidant). Colours that we also think are feminine and elegant."

Designed by Silvia Albertí & Corinne Carbonnel

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona


Blacktail Brewery


"Blacktail Brewery is a concept project for a small microbrewery based in Dillon, Montana. The owners had purchased an old bowling alley as a place to start their business, and needed an identity and packaging that differentiated themselves from the rest of the other microbrews. 

A bowling bowl and pins hints to the microbrews' roots, while a bespoke blackletter logotype helps them stand out from other beers. The pastel color palette also works well in contrast to the hard-edged blackletter logotype."

Designed by South East State

Designer: Glenn Chan

Country/City: United States, New York


Raw Cosmetics


"Raw is a new line of cosmetic products (soap, shower gel and perfume). My idea for the packaging was to approach these cosmetics in a very minimalistic way. I wanted my design to have a very Clean, Pure and Genuine feel. Each Fragrance (Lavender, Cassis & Pear, and Citrus & Black Tea) is designed and reduced to a very simplified and graphic image. 
The Logo is hand drawn to enhance my ideas."

Designed by Louis Meeus

Country/ City: Belgium, Brussels


Cheers Milkshake


"Over consumption of Milkshake makes your health stronger. Cheer up yourself with low fat cow’s milk drink. Turn the cover and the flavor will pour out. Shake and it is ready to use. Good health! Cheers!"

Designed by Paula Chuykina

3-D Visualization: Yegor Kumacher

Country/ City: Russia, Moscow


MOMA Design Store Knockdown


"By extending the MoMA Design Store's brand to include more patterns, colors, shapes, and opening experiences, this retail packaging system celebrates and promotes the MoMA's "Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs" exhibition. Each piece knocks down to a flat object."

Designed by Courtney Sabo

Country: United States


Clean & Co Soap


"Clean & Co is a packaging design concept for a small soap company based in Langley, Washington, on Whidbey Island. The soaps are named after the towns on Whidbey Island with scents based on available fragrances in those towns. The point of purchase display not only closes up easily for shipping, but also opens up to display a laser cut logo on the inside of the lid when the soaps are on display. The small tins have soap shavings of the various scents to invite customers to smell them."

Designed by Bridget Gahagan

Country: United States


Spectrum LED Light Bulbs


"The project consisted in examining, contextual, and conceptual prototyping for point of purchase display. The idea behind my project was to create a packaging design to be as eco-friendly as possible, yet it had  to protect the product, and set itself apart for point of purchase. My solution was simple–by using no plastics, recycled materials, and water base inks that are friendly to the environment. The form of the packaging was what inspired the logo, and an element used throughout the brand identity."

Designed by Glenn Cardénas

Country: United States


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