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PROTON Premium Olive Oil

by Elena Massucco on 12/23/2014 | 2 Minute Read

PG Direkt created the packaging for PROTON Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The elegant bottle was inspired by the olive oil containers used in the Ancient Greece, Country of origin of this oil. 

“Ancient Greeks used olive oil as a medicine for many illnesses. Later, in Europe, it was used as a medicine and was sold in the local drug stores within a classic bottle. We took this drugstore bottle and give it a modern twist - with minimal and elegant simple lines- and we managed to make a modern bottle that brings the Mediterranean's greatest treasure on the table."


The glossy material further modernise the concept and the design manages to achieve simplicity and purity through a clear typography and the use of a simple palette of black and white. The absence of a label further conveys the importance of the packaging, used almost as a piece of interior design.


Designed by PG Direkt

Country: Greece

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