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Puzzle Forever

by Elena Massucco on 12/03/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Puzzle Forever is a series of six puzzles with animals as their heroes. They are mainly created for children, but they also target adults“to freshen up our memory and desire for puzzles.” 
The packaging and the content itself are a modern take on a traditional toy and these incredibly delightful illustrations are a joy to look at, each of them bringing a story to life. 


“Only love, especially recycled paper and non-toxic colours, are used for producing these puzzles.” 

“It is not about just solving the puzzle. It is all about pure love being born and becoming puzzle forever.”

*Special Thanks to Math Studio


Designed by Christos kliafas (teté) 

Copywriter: Mary Theodorou

Client: Puzzle Forever

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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