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Film Box Promotional Experience Kit

by Grant Van Sant on 12/03/2014 | 4 Minute Read

This is a cool project. Film Box Lab, a Nashville-based photo lab, reached out to Russell Shaw  Design in Atlanta, Georgia to create a unique direct mail campaign to celebrate the tangible process of film photography. They designed a highly tactile, textured package that was shipped to photographers around the nation. Each box contained a personal letter from the lab’s founders, a mini newspaper celebrating film photography, and gifts for the recipients in the form of coupons, film canister bags, a custom field notebook, and a screen printed poster.

Take a look at the pictures; it is utterly beautiful.


Designed by Russell Shaw 

Client: Film Box Lab

Country: United States

City: Atlanta

Art Direction, Design, Illustration: Russell Shaw 

Logo Design and Letterhead Print Design: Jeremy Stuart Barnes 

Additional Lookbook Photographers: Cassidy Carson, Jodi Miller, Elisa Bricker, Michael Howard, Laura Partain, Kristin Sweeting, Marta Locklear, Juan Solorzano, Austin Gros, Annie Parish, Alyssa Valleta, Joshua Gull, Andrew White, Bradley Spitzer, Heather Jowett, Nathan Westerfield, Jamie Clayton, Ryan Bernal, Brett Price, Marcie Meredith 

Production Team: Laura Hickey (Dufeck), Aras Naujokas (Bennett), Steven Fessey (Mama's Sauce), Lindsay Arth (Scout Books)

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