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Lisa Franklin

by Grant Van Sant on 12/16/2014 | 1 Minute Read

 Lisa Franklin is a luxury brand that fuses cutting edge science with beauty using some of the most advanced bio technologically-derived ingredients. Launched this month, Lisa Franklin's Pro-Effect Luminescent Base is the first of five products in a range of innovative makeup and skincare solutions. 


The London agency, Monogram, aimed to highlight the brand’s unique position, which bridges two highly saturated markets. Lisa Franklin makeup and skincare products work in harmony with one another to protect and care for the skin, whilst providing the radiance and flawlessness you would expect from a luxury brand. 

Monogram applied the ‘LF’ monogram to the outer box in way that is distinct and playful, providing a number of options for visual merchandising. The large-scale monogram uses gold and silver foils, which communicate makeup and scientific skincare respectively. The typography, and indeed the logotype itself, aims to suggest scientifically-led insight and professional results.


Designed by MONOGRAM

Client: Lisa Franklin

Country: United States

City: London

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