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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 12/12/2014 | 14 Minute Read

Happy Friday! Today we feature 8 concepts we wish were real that draw inspiration through the classic color pairing of black and white.


Penitente Tortured Soul by Montezuma Salsa


"This is a student created package design that talks about the history of an infamous Aztec emperor and his revenge. This student project is an innovation concept for a target audience who can withstand a little heat for when it comes to their salsa. 

I created a better understanding of the Montezuma brand by discussing the rich, cultural history of Montezuma and his curse. I’ve created a package design that lets people understand the actual wrath of his curse as demonstrated by the reusable packaging all the way to the concept that Montezuma crafted the salsa himself. 

With Aztec culture acting as an informant, the box represents ritualistic behavior. The consumer has the opportunity to use the box as a container for chips and the tortured soul salsa.
One half of the box is made for storing chips and the other half is a portion controlled salsa container allowing the consumer to store the salsa once there are done handling the wrath of Montezuma."

Designed by Jonathan Yurek

Country: United States


San Lorenzo 


"One-week school assignment to create a packaging for a fictive pasta company. We decided to make something a bit New York and a bit Italy, we think the handmade sketches and typography is giving a genuine and friendly feel which goes along well with the chalkboard- like black and white theme."

Designed by William Sörqvist & Anna Tran

Country: Sweden


The Product- Care Market


This grocery line uses classic black with a pop of sophisticated color as an identifier. Alongside illustrated drawings, bold clean type clearly tags the product in 2 words symbolizing a need for simplicity in marketplace items.

"The Product is a cooperative of farmers and ranchers associated to create a supermarket private label products with high quality and proximity."

Designed by Anna Garcia

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona


Studio NiCo


"A winter holiday themed promotional gift sent out by Studio NiCo, based on the concept of naughty and nice. The kit includes two liqueurs; naughty's flavor profile is made up of rosemary and anise, while nice is a blend of white cranberry and mint. 
When opening the kit, the receiver is encouraged to indulge in either
one, or both, liqueurs depending on whether they've been naughty or nice this year. Studio Nico has been a bit of both."

Designed by Angela Strock

Country: United States




This fun little design bags a million grains of rice with love. An all-black background acts as a canvas for crafty art made of the product itself. A playful, child-like interpretation for a food that brings family and loved ones together.

"A rebrand an existing product sold by Ultimate's Food. The client was keen give their Ofada rice range a face lift as a prerequisite to its UK launch. The brief was to create packaging which felt premium yet healthy." 

Designed by Andy Screen

Country: United Kingdom


Brooklyn Brewing Redesign


"This is a personal re-design of a great lager brewed in Brooklyn. 
The Brooklyn Brewery proposes brewed beers all year long, and they're the finest in New York. Based in Williamsburg, "the place to be", those beers represent the deep soul of NY, since 1987. Esquire magazine selected the Brooklyn Lager 16 ounce as one of the "Best Canned Beers to Drink Now" in a February, 2012. It's the first successful brewery since Schaeger et Rheingol closed in 1976. The brewery stretches for 64583 square feet & a tasting room allows visitors to discover the brand. 

Using a NY graphic style, I wanted to deal with a typographic layout without any illustrations or details. The "BB" logo is a shorter version of the name "Brooklyn Brewery", itself redesigned. "

Designed by Charlotte Masala

Country/City: France, Paris


Dompap Design


"This is a project designed by norwegian Architecture student Edvard Glazebrook. He has made a chessboard out of laser cut greyboard, that will soon go into production. The project won a student enterprise competition and a small team of 5 students have been put together to bring the project into life. The price from the award was 130 000 NOK as well as economical and legal advice for the newly founded firm. 

The chessboard was first made in
february at the Oslo School of Architecture, and have since then been developed through a series of prototypes – improving and simplifying the design. 
The set is built up by three layers of cardboard, where the two bottom layers contain the
chesspieces, while the top layer work as the game surface. The pieces are put together by two parts, and holes in the surface keeps the pieces steady. 

The set is cut in half, making it more compact when the set is folded. Magnets inside the set
keeps the set closed when it is not in use, and hold the two parts together while playing. The project is now published at where it can be preordered. The set is available in colors, and a plywood edition will also be produced."

Designed by Edvard Glazebrook 

Country: Norway




"The objective of this project was to design an innovative pack for headphones. Most of these headphones are sold in large boxes, with a number of different materials, which ultimately end up being tossed out as garbage. After taking into consideration the ecological impact the current packaging has, a clamshell pack, made completely out of paper pulp was designed. This new material helps minimize the negative impact, and encourages the user to reuse the packaging, since it can be used as headphone storage when traveling. In order to properly produce the clamshell pack, the paper pulp is molded through a process known as thermoforming. Any other additional materials such as an instruction booklet, warranties, etc., would be available paperless on the brand's website."

Designed by Laura Gonzalez de Durana, Arelis Feliciano, and Susana Siegel

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona


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