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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/07/2014 | 22 Minute Read

Today we look at a group of concepts that draw inspiration from nature. Through illustration, typography and substrate, the overall designs are "hipsterfied" bringing the outdoors, in.




This wood carved masterpiece constructed by Kristina Düver is essential for any designer's desk. The set is handmade and formed inside a wooden crate decorated with shaved ribbons and finally branded with a circular emblem. The overall design not only appeals to a youthful audience but is also environmentally conscious. 

"The new brand created is consequently young and sustainable – named „JUNGHOLZ“ which means  'Young Wood' in German. The entire brand sets a statement for the environment. Therefore, for each headphone produced a new tree is planted, which can be found by the buyer via GPS code. Ecological design is the overall concept for the entire work and is reflected in everything from packaging to office stationary. A striking product branding combined with the use of renewable materials turns JUNGHOLZ into a modern brand with attitude."


Designed by Kristina Düver

Country: Germany



A unique bottle that mimics its packaging from head to toe. Oak wine, designed by Grantipo, is a tree truck full of goodness, studded in metal hardware. Its design features hand carved quotes alongside hot pressed plates used as markers.

"The idea is to create a bottle made with the same wood of cask used to keep the wine, so we won't break the cycle of fermentation such as when using other materials. Thus keeping the wine in the same habitat from the beginning to the end of the process. 
We know that fermentation in a confined space is different from a barrel and we are studying its behavior with winemakers. We hope that soon the prototype can be marketed."


Designed by Grantipo

Country: Spain



This kit takes its consumers through a coffee lover's paradise scattered with like-minded cartoon souls . Cylindrical tubes stuffed with beans are carefully placed in a slider box that will have you saying, "Where's Waldo?".

"CAFEOLOGY, an independent supplier of beverages to restaurants and cafes, is undertaking the new drive to promote its core value of only supplying Fairtrade products, including coffee, tea and sugar, ethically sourced from farmers in Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Malawi. Reflecting this core value, brand communications will centre on the theme '100% Fairtrade in Everything We Do'."


Designed by Shelly Liew

Country: Malaysia



This sneaker grooming kit designed by Stacia Starkes takes inspiration from nature and urban city life. A substrate of kraft and wood is cut through with diagonal black lines and overlaid with dimensional type. 

"[The] design is based [on] the raw materials and shapes on the sneaker box and shoes."


Designed by Stacia Starkes

Country: United States



A bag full of Nature is an organic vegetable brand which represents nature from inside paper bags. Printed with illustrations, these bags are environmentally aware with resealable zippers that allow the product to maintain its freshness.

"We designed the interior to give it warm and natural but modern feel by using chalk board and wood. Inside the market, we provided the paper handles to carry more than one of bags."

Designed by: Kahyun Kim and Anu Salumaa 

Country: France



Blooming Chocolate, designed by Connor Davey, brings sustainability into action. A chocolate box that serves two purposes: to store and create. Colorful seed-infused patterns serve as identifiers for flavor testing, and once the dessert is consumed, can be torn into pieces and used to plant that very ingredient.

"A range of different flavor chocolates packaged in biodegradable seed infused card. The mint chocolate pack when planted grows mint, the orange chocolate grows an orange plant, the rose infused chocolate grows roses and the chili chocolate grows a chili plant."


Designed by Connor Davey

Country: United Kingdom



Lala Soaps designed by Frankie Zek have a feminine touch with light-hearted floral patterns. Hand drawn, the design is a direct reflection sensationally to the product folded inside as it is likewise soft, airy, and fresh.

"Lalala Soaps use a traditional soap-making technique to craft their unique blend of soft, fresh and floral aroma with moisturizing glycerine and vitamin E to leave your skin clean, conditioned and lightly scented."


Designed by Frankie Zek

Country: United States



"Pack & Paddle is an outdoor gear store and guided excursions company in Lafayette, Louisiana. This bold, adventurous rebrand encourages people to create stories with adventures. The packaging of their products inspire people to do so with story-like copy and adventurous illustrations. Each piece included in the system has multiple uses, giving people the ability to explore with ease."


Designed by: Becca Ray 

Country: United States



"Many companies and stores throughout Japan give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation. The Fruit Toilet Paper has been designed to wow customers with its cute style, perfect for such occasions. There are 4 designs to choose from: Kiwi, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange."


Designed by Latona Marketing Inc.

Country: Japan



"Redesign of Kayak Kafe's fresh, fun. and friendly packaging for their guacamole, house made habanero salsa and Valentina. 

Displayed the fun atmosphere of the cafe by using a hand-lettered display font in black on a clear glass bottle to contrast the bright colors of the sauces. The clasp open bottle was chosen to represent the home-made quality of the sauce and guacamole."


Designed by Stacia Starkes

Country: United States



Swallow Tail's vibrancy will have anyone stopping in their tracks. Designed by Brianna Boland, chocolate bars, wine bottles and jam are in bloom with an abundance of flowers set for a picnic in the park. The overall design is whimsical and dainty, targeting women particularly in their early 20s. 

Designed by: Brianne Boland

Country: United States



"Brazilian Designers: Marcelo Siqueira and Rafael Rudnicki created a design that causes up and balance representation and fluidity to the line of products LULL, a relaxing drink. Personalized and fluid typography, along with the colors and more natural forms, bring the points made by the brand."


Designed by: Marcelo Siqueira / Rafael Rudnicki

Country: Brazil

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