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Charlie's Natural Soda

by Andrew Gibbs on 11/19/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Charlie's Natural Soda came to Amsterdam based Hayden & Co with a challenge to create a cool new soda brand that would challenge the mainstream European beverage market: 

"In Europe innovative carbonated soft drinks without artificial ingredients and less calories are greatly missed. Hayden & Co.’s briefing was to create the cool new soda brand that would challenge the few mainstream brands that have claimed this market. "


"Our briefing was tough, creating a completely new brand from scratch within a short period of time. A big contradiction in branding needed to be solved, because carbonated beverages are always considered as being unhealthy. Hayden & Co. did a great job in creating a cool engaging brand that, at the same time, clearly communicates Charlie’s being less unhealthy compared to today’s carbonated soft drinks."

- Sander de Jonge, Founder, Charlie's Natural Soda

"It was a fun and interesting time, and I would definitely give Hayden & Co. a call again when struggling with brand identity or product design in the future."

The solution: Charlie’s natural soda was born a quintessential challenger: cool, smart and rebellious. We walked with our client through tough decisions to define Charlie’s positioning and name. Charlie’s visual design is all about vibrant colours and handmade typography that shake up the competition and sales. 

The deliverables: concept development, positioning, naming, identity and 2D packaging design. 


Designed by Hayden & Co. Brand Creators

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

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