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Alabaster Coffee Roaster + Tea Co. - It's Tea Time

by Andrew Gibbs on 11/05/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Alabaster Coffee Roaster + Tea Co. has recently released a line of Cascara Tea that borrows on their minimalist-chic coffee packaging (previously featured here). 

"Joshua Lepley [designer] and Karl Fisher [Alabaster owner] worked together to develop a simple, clean, natural-looking tea package for the new Cascara Tea line. The process was fairly simple in that the base was already established with the award-winning coffee packaging designed by Joshua earlier this year. The biggest difference is the recyclable Kraft bag that replaces the matte black bag used for the coffee. Cascara Tea is the husk of the coffee fruit, in essence it's being "reused" as Tea and Alabaster wanted to match a natural, recyclable bag to illustrate this process. The end result is a natural-chic package that is simple and delicious just like it's contents."

-Alabaster Coffee Roaster + Tea Co.


Designed by Joshua Lepley

Client: Alabaster Coffee Roaster + Tea Co.

Country: United States

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