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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/21/2014 | 7 Minute Read

Today we take a look at a small group of conceptual packaging designs that have similarity with the use of typography, illustration and color. All use yellow either as an undertone or as its prominent color and black is used to highlight the form. 




Villa Romana is an Italian pantry brand that carries all the classic Italian pantry essentials. Inspired by Italian racing cars, the line is consistently bright yellow with the exception of a few products in craft paper and glass. The style is a modern version of the Italian countryside.


Designed by Robin Boström, Itay Kapitulnik & Therese Ottem

County/City: United States, San Francisco




We designed a logo and packaging for the concept brand, Dinner Club. A selection of rare grappas and 100% natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils created in small and intensely flavoured editions.


Designed by Bunch Design

County/City: United Kingdom, London




Kino is a combined vegetarian restaurant, bar and cinema in Gothenburg, Sweden. 
These are three 
takeaway boxes, with integrated handles. One for the main course, one for soups and stews and one for salad/bread. Inspired by vintage camera bags, the packages have an inside print/pattern for that pleasant surprise. The material is a sustainable sourced paperboard with a starch lining, 100% compostable and microwave-friendly. 
The top is both easy to close and open. There is a perforation around the package, so it quickly 
transforms to a plate.


Designed by Gustav Karlsson

County/City: Sweden




The French vodka with an amazing history. Crystal clean water was obtained from Antarctic iceberg. There were an unusual passenger detected on iceberg, moving from Antarctica to the equator. That was a penguin. Iceberg was towed to Europe, the penguin returned to his homeland, and the vodka got its name.


Designed by Denis Kalinin

County/City: Russia, Moscow




Bee Bright is 100% ecological packaging concept for honey. It is made of 100% bee wax. Once it is empty, one just have to turn it upside down to transform it into a candle. The wood lid of the packaging becomes a base for the candle. Another Packplay project. 


Designed by Maude Paquette-Boula

County/City: Canada, Montreal


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