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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/14/2014 | 16 Minute Read

Today we take a look at a group of concepts that cleverly use color for their bold entrance into the marketplace. With powerful illustrations and patterns, these projects capture the hearts of consumers with their playful attitudes. 


New Zoo in St. Petersberg


Ann Bolshakova & Vladimir Bolshakov are introducing a new zoo to St. Petersberg that offers people a unique, one of a kind experience that is like no other.

"There will be no cages in the new zoo, and it will be the first zoo of this kind on the whole territory of Russia. The animals will be separated from people with nature objects: water ditches, altitude drops, and land forms. This feature has become the foundation of the visual and communication idea of the brand."

"The New Zoo in Saint-Petersburg is a communication without barriers".

All merchandising, and ads for the launch are boldly stated with bright colors and fun animal illustrations that are incorporated in the busy streets of the city, in areas such as bus stops, billboards, and subway stations. 


Designed by Ann Bolshakova  & Vladimir Bolshakov

Country: Russia


Wilde Irish Chocolates


Student Martin Lynch created a line of Wilde Irish Chocolates inspired by the famous Oscar Wilde. Whimsically decorated and packaged by hand, these indulgences explore the non-sensical world of the circus with personified animals and a hypnotic color scheme. 

"The Influence of Oscar Wilde on this company is the running theme throughout the conceptual surface graphics of the packaging series. The packaging celebrates the traditional hand drawn etchings of the nineteenth century, but with a modern twist. Using collage, the images depict wonderfully weird, curious and thought provoking characters. Connecting these images with a copy line generates an association with the chocolate, thus creating an interpretation of what the flavour of chocolate tastes like while also having a back story that relates to Wildes' life."

"The Pink Giraffe with the caption ‘Heighten your senses’ can depict the mint chocolate as being extremely flavoursome, yet back in the nineteenth century, Absinthe – an highly alcoholic beverage, gave hallucinations of pink giraffes, something that Oscar Wilde talks about during his own experience with the green substance."


Designed by Martin Lynch

Country: Ireland 


Monkey Moo Milkshakes


 I want to drink Monkey Moo Milkshakes. Monkey Moo milkshakes is a soon-to-launch kids milkshake company. These concept designs were done by the very talented Kane O'Flaherty.
The goal was to create a brand identity that was toy-like and colorful. The packaging of the product had to be something that any kid would be proud to display at the lunch table. The colors and graphic design make it playful and fun while still communicating trust and high-quality.

"The bold, illustrative graphic style is unique to the market and stands apart from the more visually cluttered branded competitors. The use of a clean color palette immediately conveys the flavor group whilst retaining the spirit and humor of the brand. This is heightened with the illustrative fruit patterns to be used across the marketing materials.” 

This is a great concept design; it makes me want to be a kid again.


Designed by Kane O'Flaherty

Country: United Kingdom


Nom d'un chien 


Student Marine Bacot not only designed a fun and interactive packaging but she successfully explored an area otherwise quite conservative and uninventive. 

For anyone who has a dog, poop bags are an essential companion during daily walks. To add a bit of colour and fun to an otherwise tedious task, Marine has created 3 colourful and fun packs for different dog sizes. The clever back of pack is designed in a way that pushes users to pull the bag… from the backside of the dog. 

“The goal was to give a playful and ludic aspect to something that looks like disgusting for many people, and many dog owner.” 


Designed by Marine Bacot

Country: France


Diet Coke: Millions of One of a Kind Bottles


The campaign, revolving around the concept “Stay Extraordinary,” produced over 2 million different bottles using a new printing system that printed every bottle with a different look. For the consumer this meant no bottle repeated itself and whoever bought a diet coke bottle received a one-of-a-kind design. The purpose of the campaign was to convey to Diet-Coke lovers that they are extraordinary by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles. 

The campaign was accompanied by digital media coverage which gave Diet-Coke fans the opportunity to create an online cup set of their choice, identical to the bottles they collected. In addition to all of the above, selected marketing outlets gave the consumers the chance to create thousands of Diet-Coke branded products such as bags, t-shirts and iPhone covers. 
The complex campaign was made possible due to an innovative printing technology. A special algorithm was created which gave birth to the design technique - It could create millions of different designs that were completely auto-generated, with no need for human intervention. 

"We are proud to launch such a complex, innovative and extraordinary campaign which will convey to all Diet-Coke consumers how extraordinary they are themselves."

-Alon Zamir, Vice President of Marketing Coca-Cola Israel


Via Coca-Cola Israel 

Lead Creative Agency: Gefen Team 


Production: Q Digital 

Print Technology: HP Indigo 

Ad Agency: Dahaf




The project consisted on creating a packaging system to take away "arepas" (a traditional and emblematic food of Venezuela and Colombia). Arepa' is for a young audience that has no time and wants to eat well. The proposal consists of a series of folded cardboard packaging without adhesive, manually assembled for easy transportation and consumption of the product. The graphic uses funny characters representing the typical names that have been given to the different types of arepa's over the years, highlighting their origin and variety of ingredients.


Designed by María Duriana Rodríguez & Diego Frayle

Country: Spain


Photographer: Carlos Arturo Rodríguez




Pipó would be the first gourmet popcorn in Brazil conceptualized by Agência Yo. Colorfully hypnotic patterns grace each cylindrical tube that once opened reveal a pop of tang with unique flavor combinations.

"To build a brand perception aligned with the character of indulgence and novelty that this product has all the contact points were designed from these values. The positioning "unexpectedly gourmet" for example, is the perfect synthesis of what the Pipó is, and their packaging, of course, the visual translation of this construction. One of the most noticeable changes is the fact that the cans replaced the traditional paper bags. The short narratives related to the flavors are also an attraction in itself as talk about the product in a fun and engaging way.

Regarding the visual identity of the packaging, the entire
aesthetic was designed as to show an air of elegance and sophistication, with patterns and color palette that help to establish an atmosphere with its own identity. Without the traditional appeals that a product more popular usually asks, the packaging and communication of Pipó allow a differentiation that occurs from the subtleties, just like the product itself."


Designed by Agência Yo

Country: Brazil


Aldo India Pal Ale


Aldo Indian Pale Ale ventures into the interstellar world of macaroni and cheese, diamonds and tear drops. A brilliant blue background against contrasting yellow and pink helps this malty concoction stand out from the crowd almost reassuring its consumer that drinking the Kool Aid will teleport you to this unknown dimension. 


Designed by Philip Arvidson

Country: Sweden


ZOETS Stroopwafels


 TORO PINTO decided to make “Smaken” the name of the bakery company instead of being the product´s name so more products could be developed in the future. The name developed was “ZOETS” which translates as "sweet" in dutch. For the visual identity, the main concept was to generate a sense of home and coziness as a reference to the origins of this pastry. The illustrations were generated for telling the story of the candies transformed into stroopwafel by this cook in the Netherlands, between winter-flowers and mills. 

To enhance the home/warmth concept it was decided to create a visual style that would represent the softness of yarn and cross point embroidery, a handcraft that is representative of this region. 


Designed by TORO PINTO

Client: SMAKEN bakery 

Country: Mexico

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