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7 Olive Oil

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/08/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Seven Olive Oil strives to bring the purest form of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil to Israel. Inspired by the 7 virtues, the product is packaged by Blend-it Design in a crystal clear glass bottle, corked with wood. The back features gridded info graphics that illustrate characteristics found in the oil, while the front displays a variety of typography organized in a structured manner. 


"Accompanying budding entrepreneurs is one of the most exciting things about our work. This man we met had great passion for the land and cultivating it. He decided to make his dream come true and produce premium olive oil to local and international markets. Working under the constraints of a price-dominated-market, within a saturated category and among worldwide experienced competitors, requires responsibility and precision."

"The strategic process included an in-depth analysis of the market and learning all about the production process and types. Exposed to traditional brands as well as witness to groundbreaking trends in the field, we formulated the strategy to best differentiate our client and enhance the product’s uniqueness – focusing on simplicity and precision, as well as on the scientific laboratorial aspect."


Designed by Blend-it Design

Client: Seven Olive Oil

Country: Israel 

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