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Bees Wrap

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/07/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Bees Wrap,  is another great example of a sustainable product and its packaging. Created by Sarah Kaeck, and packaged by Stitch Design Co., this project was all about using our hunter gatherer instinct to "feed off the land.".

"Bee’s Wrap is the new natural alternative to plastic wrap. You can simply seal it with the warmth of your hands. Wrap a sandwich, cheese, half a melon, or cover a bowl. Made with beeswax and cloth, we love the natural simplicity of this product. Bee’s Wrap hired us to come up with a packing system that was sustainable (like the product) and more visually appealing to the consumer. They were also was looking to simplify their labor costs without sacrifice to the visual appeal. Each available size was printed converted chipboard pouch using a color coding combination of two inks."


Designed by Stitch Design Co.

Client: Sarah Kaeck

Country: United States

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