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Sangría Lolea La Cala

by Grant Van Sant on 10/30/2014 | 3 Minute Read

La Cala is a handcrafted sangria using the finest raw materials and guidance and watchful eye of Master mixologist Marc Alvarez. The challenge for the Spanish design, firm Estudio Versus, was translating the dynamic taste of the drink into visual form. The designers needed to combine the traditional aspects of this drink with a modern twist. 


The flavors are distinct and unexpected yet dark and subtle. It is spicy, fruity, full of vibrance but not overpowering. The bottle and box designs illustrate these attributes nicely, contrasting a refined black body with a few, tasteful splashes of color.

Lolea Orange No. 19 is a bold new take on this classic drink, combining diverse bold flavors like cinnamon, rosemary and orange.

Steeped in a national tradition, La Cala is a project started by a group to bring classical techniques to modern mixology. What makes this project so distinct is the cohesiveness between the founders’ mission, the flavors, and the design. All together it makes a potent cocktail- complex yet refined, subdued yet vibrant.  


Designed by Estudio Versus

Client: La Cala Albert Adrià

Country: Spain

Photography: Taninotanino & Criscrascrus.

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