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Any Tea

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/30/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Konrad Sybilski designed a high-end packaging for "Any Tea" with an electric matte color palette. Developed for a chinese startup company in Beijing, the design offers a contemporary take on the traditional and ancient art of tea in efforts to appeal to a more youthful audience.


"Social nature, the need to share finer things with others, is one of the main values represented by Any Tea brand. 'Sharing' became the base idea for the entire identity, starting with the logo. But the heart of the design was the packaging. I decided to create a unique pattern for each type of tea."

"Each pattern is based on a metaphor or specific quality describing the character of each tea. The green has a 'Tree shadow' motif because of its refreshing character; the white, a 'Feather' because of its very light taste. The yellow has a 'Sun' and Pu-erh an 'Emerald', etc. The patterns aren't obvious; they’re more like a fleeting impression. Like the good times you want to share."


Designed by Konrad Sybilski 

Client: Any Tea/ 东西茶事 

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw

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