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by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/28/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Colangelo has boldly distressed BG MEYER's Packaging with key elements of wood and hardware. High-end cigars are wrapped in a gold emblem above an quoted scripture and tucked away in an electric blue tin tray or smoky grey box. 


"The BG Meyer line of luxury cigars was the brainchild of Camacho Cigars in partnership with screenwriter Rob Weiss — best known for his acclaimed work on HBO’s Entourage. 

This new-to-market brand embraces the journey of life — not just the accomplishments one achieves. The brand celebrates men searching for real experiences, freedom from 
pretention, and for the epiphanies realized along the way."

"Colangelo, an integrated marketing agency based in Darien CT, was selected to bring BG Meyer to life. The full assignment included brand positioning/design, advertising, event marketing, interactive design, collateral, and packaging."

"For BG Meyer’s brand design, Colangelo leveraged the authenticity, boldness, and naturally distressed elements found in a vintage tool sign of the kind that one might see on a motorcycle trip through California backcountry. 

The two lines launched to date include “Standard Issue” and “Slackers” relying on the identity and soul of the brand to link them together. Look for “Gigantes” later in 2014."


Designed by Colangelo

Client: Dylan Austin, Davidoff of Geneva 

Country: United States

Creative Director: Peter Smyth, Bri Lints & Michael Olsson 

Designer: Megan Reddish & Stacy Infantas 

Photographer: Beresford Grant 

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