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My Honey

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/22/2014 | 4 Minute Read

This honey collection has a real homemade vibe to it. Designed by Thomas Lichtblau, wood and kraft paper was used to create warmth to the product. The sticky concoction is stored in glass containers, threaded with a tag, and secured with a polka-dotted lid. The containers are then sandwiched together in a branded wooden box and fit snug with bee's wax candles.


"An important part of the packaging was to distinguish the four different sorts of honey. I wanted to stay completely colorless and organic and like the beekeeper, I tried to use traditional tools for production. I noticed that each sort differs from the other through clear and beautiful yellow/orange tome. So, in the design, no differentation through colors was needed. To specify the sorts, I decided to use simple geometric shapes, which can be used as a patterm too."


Designed by Thomas Lichtblau

Country: Austria

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