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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/17/2014 | 12 Minute Read

This week's selection of Concepts We Wish Were Real features projects that explore the realms of color and illustration with the effort to stand out from its competitors. Step inside the whismcial world of animated packaging. Check out these projects and share your favorite!


Teach Tea / Concept

Designer Tina Floersch has created a conceptual line of teas for a cause. Teach Tea uses transparent layers of watercolor to create dimentional technicolored clouds that scallop around the surface of the tin. 

"Teach tea donates its proceeds to help children in Sri Lanka ages 5-14 get an education. Many children in Sri Lanka are affected by numerous factors that prevent them from attending school. We intend to reverse these numbers by donating 100% of the proceeds to Sri Lankan global initiative on Out-of-school Children, which is a joint project by UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UISC)."

Via Tina Floersch / United States

Musso's Pantry

Musso brings light and color to your pantry items with abstract markings found patterned all across its packaging. Designed by Judit Besze, the pink and green illustration gives energy and a fun, child-like element to the brand in efforts to promote how cooking is fun activity, especially amoung friends and family.


"Musso's pantry is a fictive brand.Is a personal project.I wanted to designed a colorful,and art inspired package,what is spectacular and contemporary."

Via Judit Besze / Hungary

Themed Coffee Cups / Concept

These coffee cups, created by Alex Litovka, are literal translations of specific coffee types in character form. The white cylindrical cups are dressed in sleeves illustrated with figures that are associated with the beverage's origin and given a top hat inscribed with its name. The overall design is a playful interpretation thats equally striking as it is minimal.

Via Alex Litovka / Belarus

The Remedy Kit / Concept

The “Remedy Kit” is an all in one, DIY, natural pain relief pack. It treats all your symptoms from stomachaches, cuts & scraps to colds and the flu; each wooden box has a cure. Designed by Alisha Bube, this kit comes with a set of seed packets, jars (to store medication), and recipes alongside some logging booklets. The product encourages a homeopathic lifestyle implemented since the late 1700s in Germany, and uses it’s rustic style of wood and Kraft paper to reinforce that very notion. 

What could make your medications at home?
The Remedy Kit gives you the tools needed to grow and prepare your own home remedies. It is a sustainable and reliable alternative to over the counter drugs for treating everyday ailments.

Each kit focuses on different ailments including: Cold & Flu / Cuts & Burns / Concentration / Digestion / Kid Cures / Stress & Headaches / Bites & Stings.

Via Alisha Bube / United States

Union Market / Concept

Student Jessica Martinez rebranded Urban Market by repackaging its products, recreating their website, storefront, and interior space. The design focuses on creating a look that is fresh, contemporary and appeals to a younger audience by using bold colors and an edgy logo.  Illustrations of food items can be found patterned across the surface of butcher paper, as well as on the counter tops, overlaid with the horseshoe-like logo. 

"Union Market is a deli that caters to the tastes of the Caribbean. They provide meats, seafood, and condiments to compliment the flavor and culture of Caribbean heritage."

Via Jessica Martinez / United States

ugo yogurt packaging / Concept

This colorful yogurt triangle designed by Chenchen Hu is an easy on-the-go carton that offers an extra push to your morning breakfest. Packaged air tight in a cyclindrical tube, easy storage was concidered.

"This packaging design provides effective one-step solution for opening the packaging, pulling out the spoon and mixing yogurt with topping. Offering a simple and efficient experience when enjoy yogurt. 

"Ugo", stands for "yogurt to go", features innovative packaging for yogurt that includes a functional spoon. With the spoon constructed into the packaging, consumers can enjoy yogurt anywhere without worrying about finding a spoon. The spoon also serves as the part that isolate the pure yogurt from flavored topping. The mixing process is so easy that it's done once the spoon is pulled out while opening the package."

Via Chenchen Hu

Citrus Drops / Concept

Citrus Drops, conceptualized by Alexandra Sperrazza, is an easy compact juicer for one. Designed specifically for mason jars, this extractor is mounted upon a paper drop and used as a three dimensional decorative pattern rich with brilliant color. 

"Citrus Drops is a mason jar juicer concept. This two panel package reiterates the product function through its shape. It was important for the packaging concept to hang, since most kitchen accessories are displayed hanging at retail. The reverse side of the package illustrates how to attach the juicer to your mason jar and includes a recipe for a homemade citrus vinaigrette. The package is made of paperboard and is 100% recyclable."

Via Alexandra Sperrazza / United States

Just Laid / Concept

Springetts Brand Design developed design concepts that explored hypothetical positioning for how eggs could better satisfy or respond to consumer needs.

"One of the many thoughts we had was how this commodity category could respond better to concerns related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues such as food miles and related freshness. We were intrigued by the notion that, while early adopters of CSR issues find it easy to support a cause, it is harder to convert mass-market consumers unless there is something in it for them – such as supporting locally laid eggs." 

The brand's solution was to use standard egg box packaging to interact with potential customers. The fastening on the box becomes a representation of the egg itself, allowing consumers to connect with the natural process of the eggs 'being laid'. The creative execution is a selection of playful caricatures of hens laying eggs with three different poses/expressions for each of the three variants. The design emphasizes the benefit of locally laid eggs through a cheeky brand name that reinforces the idea of freshly laid eggs straight from the hen. 

Via Springetts Brand Design / United Kingdom

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